Prior to Februay 15, 2004.
After Februay 15, 2004.
January 1, 2005
"Hello! Thanks For Visiting My Web Site!", Don Norris.
Colorado Academy of Silversmithing and Art Metal
After February 19, 2005
My method of soldering is my own and sometimes I am critized for use this system.
However, I have taught this method for over 30 years now, and have not had any student, both beginners and experienced Silversmiths, that did not learn this method and begin using it for their jewelry making.

I use only Hard Solder for every solder joint and this goes against the
traditional method of using Hard, Medium and Easy solder.

I also use a less than $20.00 propane torch for most my teaching, and recommemd it for my beginning students.

Please use the "Purple Buttons" on the left to find out why
I do not teach the traditional methods.

I think you will agree, and adopt these methods,
but, all I ask is that you try these methods on a few pieces before you critize them.

If you do try them and still want to go back to the traditional method,
that's OK with me,
but please E-Mail me and let me know why.

Thanks, Don Norris
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