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Don Norris

Has taught Silversmithing in person: 
in all 50 states,
for 45 years and
more than 5,000  adult students.

Has written 9 books, and
sold over 11,000 of these books.

Has made over 100 hours of video instructions, and
has sold more than 2,000 sets.

(More Student's Comments

Thank you so much for the amazing beginning class.  I learned so much and it was a lot of fun.
I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my soul for this class. 2 years ago I paid &1,000 to learn less. Being on S.S.I. my income is only 450.00 a month, and after doing some scrimshaw work & turning out nice,&
wanting to make some nice jewelry for the Fossil Ivory to sit in & also to give it a backing-you're the one that's teaching me & I really appriciate it-I also get idea from the rec.jewelry disscusion group-and I think I've
read some of you're things there.  Don what I'd like to say is thank you for giving me hope of a future without S.S.I. supporting me. You haven't demanded the last doller in my pocket to teach me-I really appriciate it. If there's a piece of scrimshaw you'd like let me know I'd rather share then get taken.
Your classes are done so well you leave nothing to chance and I am very impressed with your ability to remember we are learning from ground zero.  Thanks from people like me for that.  You are obviously a born
I am learning a great deal from the On Line Silversmithing Class. It is such a fantastic way to take a class. I usually attend a jewelry class at our technical school during the winter months. But, I am enjoying your class
much more. I can come home after work and spend as much time as I wish on my sliversmithing projects. I highly recommend your classes to everyone interested in learning an exciting age old craft from a true artist. Thank you Mr. Norris for all you are doing to make a variety of classes available to the WORLD. Your student from
Don,  Your directions for soldering are so terrific.
Greetings to all students of Don Norris. I have been debating whether or not to join the NEW LIST. Sure don't need more e-mail to sort through at the end of the day. I'm sure most of you feel the same way. I would rather be at my workbench creating. What I have found with the classes I have taken, Bean Casting, Wire
Sculpture, and Beginning Silversmithing, is that Don always throws in an extra free lesson or two plus tips. I have learned a great deal from these lessons and the classes have all seemed to intertwine. They compliment each other. I have taken evening classes at our local technical school for three years and have not learned as much, so fast, as with Don's classes. I strongly feel that the Internet has greatly benefited from people like Don who give so much of themselves for their students.
Thank you thank you thank you...I am now such a happy jeweler /beginner again.you're right. gotta get it hot. Thanks
Thank you, Don, for the educational entertainment.  It is always a pleasure  to receive your lessons!  I look forward to the next installment.  I believe  the project will be a success!
I just wanted to say thank you again for teaching me how to use hard solder. Today I had a less the perfect fit in a bezel and never would have solder if it hadn't been that I now use hard solder exclusively...What do i do with ten feet (yes) of medium solder wire???anyways like you say the bezel looked cast it was seamless. thank you..It certainly makes me feel like I'm going to get someplace when I learned that from you..Have a Merry Holiday !!!!  LEARN THE RULES SO YOU KNOW HOW TO BREAK THEM PROPERLY.
I have not completed my first class yet because of an arthritus flare-up in  my hands but I have really enjoyed your class. I have learned a lot about  silversmithing and the tools and techniques of using them that only comes  from hands on experiance.
I am nearly through with my PhD in Special Ed (so it is very true what they say about taking someone out of
their field and you have an idiot on your hands! ;-), part of my dissertation research involved quite a bit of research and study of effective teaching techniques, and I dont' say that for any other reason than to state my credentials for making this next statement: You use very powerful teaching techniques in your online classes; I am really impressed with your teaching skills. I feel so very fortunate to have found you as an instructor. Keep up the good work, and thanks for putting up with the likes of folks like me!
Don, You are doing such a good job already that we were all just sitting back, reading what you write, and accepting the wonderful offerings.
I love this... the points to think about in making a design.  One of the great beauties of your laying it out like this is that, when we want to go against the rule for some reason, we know what we're doing, what the effect and implications are, and then can perhaps handle them some other way. Instead of running blind.  Thanks!!!!!!!
"I cannot tell you how much of a blessing your classes have been to my life, silly as it seems I really needed the outlet and the extra income is so great!  I sold so many cabochons with custom bezels for Christmas that I was actually able to pay the tuition for my son's computer tech course!  Being a single mom makes this especially important, and I have stopped going so BIG and guess what the smaller one's sell better - just like you said.  Before I found your class I was working two jobs and away from home way too much, but now I am down to one job.  Of course I am still kind of away - since my garage has now become a full blown studio.  I was able to purchase things from dental labs that were closing like the polisher with a hood even!  In the beginning all my profits went towards supplies and the flexi etc...but now things are paid for and I am reaping the benefits of the course!  My mom lives with me, she is 85 and this year I will be able to take her to LA to see my niece and my mom's great grand-daughter. I couldn't afford to advertise or really take the time to promote my things, so I decided to make a few items and give them to some of the wives of the doctors I work for they showed them to their friends and now two of those friends have contacted me to put items in their stores!  So now I am getting a stock together to show them. I know this is a bit long winded but I just
had to let you know what you have made possible. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all your talents and for making the courses affordable!
May God Bless you and your family.  I wish I could attend your classes in person, maybe some day :).
Many Blessings! "

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Academy of Silversmithing and Art Metal
dnorris@frii.com               Don Norris               303-517-1068
World Renowned Educator and Author

Welcome to my web site. If you want to learn Silversmithing, or have an interest in making good Sterling Silver Jewelry you have found the right site! I began teaching Silversmithing and making Sterling Silver jewelry about 45 years ago. It has given me a life time of enjoyment and an income for my family to live comfortably for those years. I am still teaching at the age of 71, and I am retired as I ever will be. My wife, Kay, and I, now live in Tucson, Arizona. Teaching people to change their lives through making jewelry is what gives me the most satisfaction in life. As you surf through my site, you will find that I have many different interests and that I am working on many different projects. This is what makes me get up in the morning, smiling! If you have any questions as you wander through my site, please ask them by E-Mail, or by calling me at 1-303-517-1068. I can teach you Silversmithing in person, with my CD Classes, or with my Video DVD Classes. If you are looking for beautiful, and/or, unusual gifts you will find them too! If you are thinking about taking any of my classes, and have the time, please glance at my bio page by using the button above. I have a lot of work to do on my site, and will be changing it weekly, so I would like to invite you to visit often. I hope to hear from you. Be sure to check out my new downloadable tutorials to the left.
Beginning Silversmithing Class
Students Bracelet Made  in Class
Beginning Silversmithing
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Beginning Silversmithing Package

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Beginning Silversmithing Package
21 Videos!

This is a package of 21 of my videos; listed below, for everyone that is just starting to work with Silver and Silversmithing and for those that want to learn new skills that will help you make your projects easier, faster, more professional looking and profitable. It will include the videos below. This is over $200.00 of my videos for only $69.99. You will save far more than 60% on these videos.

    DesigningJewelryforaProfit1. FlexShaftAttachments1Intoduction FlexShaftAttach2RubberPolishingWheels JewelersSaw.VOB, MakingYourOwnLeaves PolishingBuffingandTumbling SafetyAcetylineTorch
 SilverSolderingBasics2 SimpleProjectWireJustOne SnapTightHeadsBezelCapsandProgSets2 SnapTightHeadsBezelCapsandProngSets1 SolderingDownBezelsSteppedBezel SolderingMixedMetalsSheetandSummary SolderingMixedMetalsWire
TorchesFinal.VOB, TorchesIntroduction TumblePolishing UnderstandingChemicalsIntroPickleandFlux UnderstandingChemicalsOxidizerandAmonia

Textures, Hammered Finish
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Samples of Hammered Textures

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A hammered texture is the fastest, easiest, always available, and the texture that sells better than any other texture. It is a sure way to texture metal, sheets or wires, for great profits for your projects. I rarely ever use any other textures. You will find that even just a claw hammer from the hardware store can make five different unique and beautiful textures. Of course the ball peen hammer makes the nicest, easiest and quickest texture of all. It is a must for your shop, but you do not need an expensive one. Purchase the cheapest one you can find.
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Begiiinning Silversmithing Package .PLDZ-72$59.99$5.00  
Textures, Hammered Finish taught by Don Norris, for making JewelryPLDZ-71$9.99  
Using a Drill, Twisted Wire, Jump Rings .PLDZ-70$9.99  
Understanding Chemicals used in Silversmtihing .PLDZ-69$9.99  
Tumble Polishing .PLDZ-68$9.99  
Torches .PLDZ-67$9.99  
Textures, Sandpaper .PLDZ-66$9.99  
Textures, Reticulation .PLDZ-65$9.99  
Textures, Granulation taught by Don Norris for making jewelry.PLDZ-64$9.99  
Textures, Combined taught by Don NorrisPLDZ-63$9.99  
Texture, Steel Wool .PLDZ-62$9.99  
Square Wire Adjustable Band Ring .PLDZ-61$9.99  
Soldering, Mixed Media .PLDZ-60$9.99  
Soldering Mixed Metals, Wire .PLDZ-59$9.99  
Soldering Mixed Metals, Sheet .PLDZ-58$9.99  
Soldering Down Bezels, Stepped Bezel for jewelry making.PLDZ-57$9.99  
Snap Tight Heads, Bezel Caps and Prong Sets .PLDZ-56$9.99  
Simple Project, Wire, Just One .PLDZ-55$9.99  
Simple Project, Wire Hearts .PLDZ-54$9.99  
Simple Project, Round Wire Earrings for jewelry making.PLDZ-53$9.99  
Simple Project, Solid Band Ring,.PLDZ-52$9.99  
Simple Project, Mother's Day Pendants .PLDZ-51$9.99  
Simple Project, Exposed Edge Pendant .PLDZ-50$9.99  
Silver Soldering, Basics .PLDZ-49$9.99  
Safety, Gases and Fumes .PLDZ-48$9.99  
Safety, Fire PLDZ-47$9.99  
Safety, Dust and Fumes for jewelry making.PLDZ-46$9.99  
Safety, Cuts, Punctures and Abrasions for jewelry making.PLDZ-45$9.99  
Safety, Acetylene Torch .PLDZ-44$9.99  
How to Make Ring Bands .PLDZ-43$9.99  
Repousse .PLDZ-42$9.99  
Buffing and Polishing .PLDZ-41$9.99  
Pine Needle and Bean Casting for jewelry making.PLDZ-40$9.99  
Pierce and Cut Project .PLDZ-39$9.99  
Patinas for Silver Projects .PLDZ-38$9.99  
How to Make an Overlay Piece .PLDZ-37$9.99  
Making Your Own Steel Stamps .PLDZ-36$9.99  
Make Your Own Leaves .PLDZ-35$9.99  
How to Make Pin Backs .PLDZ-34$9.99  
How to Make Hinges for Projects .PLDZ-33$9.99  
How to Make Your Own Fancy Bezels .PLDZ-32$9.99  
How to Make Chains .PLDZ-31$9.99  
How to Make Perfect Bezels for Cabochons .PLDZ-30$9.99  
How to Use a Jeweler's Saw Correctly .PLDZ-29$9.99  
How to Make Hollow Forms .PLDZ-28$9.99  
Adjustable Band Rings Vol 2, Some Further Ideas and Comments for jewelry making.PLDZ-27$0.99$0.49  
Wire Sculpture Book 1 .PLDZ-25$9.99  
Flex Shaft Attachments 9, Wire Wheels and Grinding Wheels, .PLDZ-24$9.99  
Flex Shaft Attachments 8, Sanding Drums, .PLDZ-23$9.99  
Flex Shaft Attachments 7, Fly Wheel for diamond cuts, .PLDZ-22$9.99  
Flex Shaft Attachments 6,Cut Off Wheels .PLDZ-21$9.99  
Flex Shaft Attachments 5, Flap Wheels, Diamond Wheels, Small Burrs, and Hard Felt Buffs .PLDZ-20$9.99  
Flex Shaft Attachments 4, Ball Burrs taught by Don Norris jewelry making.PLDZ-19$9.99  
Flex Shaft Attachments 3, Drill Bits, .PLDZ-18$9.99  
Flex Shaft Attachments 2, Rubber Wheels, .PLDZ-17$9.99  
Flex Shaft Attachments 1, Introduction to the attachments available for flex shafts and Dremel tools .PLDZ-16$9.99  
Designing Jewelry for a Profit Package of 5 lessons.PLDZ-15$39.99$9.00  
Earring Posts, Tie Tacs, and Hat Pins .PLDZ-14$9.99  
Simple Dangle Earrings .PLDZ-13$9.99  
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 5, Directing the Customers Eye .PLDZ-12$9.99  
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 4, Bigger is not Better, Which Come First. tje Stone or the Design? .PLDZ-11$9.99  
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 3, Polishing Can Kill Your Profits, To Draw or Not .PLDZ-10$9.99  
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 2, Better is Bad, Repeated Pattern, Bored but Love It, .PLDZ-9$9.99  
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 1, Proportion, .PLDZ-8$9.99  
Chip Inlay using turquoise, malachite, coral and other stones .PLDZ-7$9.99  
Channel Work, how to make channels for inlay, .PLDZ-6$9.99  
Chain, Crochet How to crochet a beautiful chain, .PLDZ-5$9.99  
Making a Thre Band Cuff Bracelet, .PLDZ-4$9.99  
Bails, How to Make Many Different Bails, .PLDZ-3$9.99  
How to Make Adjustable Band Rings 1, .PLDZ-DN0001$9.99  

My Classes Scheduled for 2019

I am getting into the art world here in Tucson. I am in three galleries.

The Cactus Wren Artisans
Leaping Lizard Gallery
Art House Centro

My new Classroom/Shop
9051 West Dudley Street
Tucson, Arizona 85735

If interested in a Beginning Silversmithing class
in Tucson, or your area, please contact by email.