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Sterling Silver Castings
All casting are casting .925 Sterling Silver in my casting studio in Tucson, Arizona using the lost wax casting method.
Prices may vary do to the market price of Silver.
These are finished pieces of Sterling Silver jewelry, polished and ready to wear, resale or use as a focal bead. They can be used by soldering them onto your jewelry projects too!
They are individually priced.
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Sterling Silver Castings To Solder 
Onto Your Silver and Copper Jewelry Projects
These are not finished pieces of jewelry. They are castings that will need some filing where the sprues are. The sprues are the wires were that made the path forthe Sterling Silver to flow into the mold. These casting are for soldering onto your pieces. Even though I do give them a light polish in the tumbler they may have slight different coloring and finishing. They all will polish to the same color and brillance of Sterling Silver when you polish your piece after soldering.
Finnished Jewelry Castings
Ready to Wear and/or Resale
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