All About Royston Turquoise
Guarentees and How to Purchase

All of the Turquoise on my site was mined by the Tonopah Turquoise Mine company.  Every piece was mined in the Royston District. Royston turquoise is some of the hardest natural
turquoise being mined today, and depending on where they are mining, they have
many claims in the Royston district, the turquoise runs from a beautiful light
blue, dark royal blue is being mined right now, and the vary sought after dark
green and blue in the same stones.  There can be some spider web stones too. Turquoise from the Royston mines sell from $1.00 to $4.00 per carat after being cut and polished. This turquoise, depending upon the stone, quality, color and size can range all the up to $12.00 per carat. All stones have been backed to protect them as you set them and for many years of wear. My wife has worn the same turquoise ring with two stones in it for over 40 years, everyday, 24 hours a day. I want these stones to be used in your jewelry and I believe that they will be around for thousands of years.

Royston Turquoise
Some of the best natural turquoise and it comes in many different colors, shades and varieties.
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