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Safety, Cuts, Punctures and Abrasions
Safety, Dust and Fumes
Safety, Gases
Safety Fire
Safety, Actylene Torch
Understanding the Chemicals Used, Introduction, Pickle and Flux
Understanding the Chemicals 2, Oxidizer and Ammonia
Torches 1
Torches 2 
Torches Final
Silver Soldering Basics 1
Silver Soldering Basics 2
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 1
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 2
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 3
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 4
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 5
Making a Bezel
Making Your Own Fancy Bezels
Soldering Down Bezels and Stepped Bezels
Making Your Own Leaves
Making Bails 1
Making Bails 2
Making Pin Backs
Making Hindges
Polishing, Buffing and Tumbling 
Tumble Polishing
Soldering Mixed Metals, Wire
Soldering Mixed Media
Soldering Mixed Metals, Sheet and Summary
Making a Crocheted Chain
Channel Work 1
Channel Work 2
Chip Inlay
Flex Shaft Attachments 1, Introduction
Flex Shaft Attachments 2, Rubber Wheel Polishing Wheels
Flex Shaft Attachments 3, Drill Bits
Flex Shaft Attachments 4, Ball Burs
Flex Shaft Attachments 5, Burs, Flap Wheels, Hard Felt Wheels
Flex Shaft Attachments 6, Cut Off Wheels
Flex Shaft Attachments 7, Diamond Cut Flywheels
Flex Shaft Attachments 8, Sanding Drums
Flex Shaft Attachments 9, Wire Brushes and Grinding Wheels
Making Your Own Steel Stamps
Patinas, Oxidizer and Nail Polish
Texture, Hammered
Texture, Steel Wool
Texture, Reticulation
Texture Sand Paper
Texture, Granulation
Texture, Combined
Using a Drill, Twisted Wire and Jump Rings
Ring Bands 1
Ring Bands 2
Adjustable Band Rings 1
Adjustable Band Rings 2
Square Wire Adjustable Band Ring
Bracelet 1
Bracelet 2
Earrings, Tie Tacs and Hat Pins
Hollow Forms
Jeweler’s Saw
Making a Soldered Chain 1
Making a Soldered Chain 2
Pierce and Cut Project
Pine Needle and Bean Casting
Simple Project, Dangle Earrings
Simple Project, Solid Band Ring 1
Simple Project, Solid Band Ring 2
Simple Project, Exposed Edge Pendant
Simple Project, Mother’s Day Pendants
Simple Project, Round Wire Earrings
Simple Project, Wire Crosses
Simple Project, Wire Hearts
Simple Project, Wire Just Ones
Snap Tight Heads, Bezel Caps and Prong Sets 1
Snap Tight Heads, Bezel Caps and Prong Sets 1

Wire Sculpture Video
Bumble Bee
Bunny Rabbit
Columbine Flower
Hummingbird (I have made over 60,000 during the past 50 years)
Unicorn with Magical Horn

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