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Beginning Silversmithing Package   $59.99
Textures, Hammered Finish      $9.99
Using a Drill, Twisted Wire, Jump Rings    $9.99
Understanding Chemicals used in Silversmtihing       $9.99
Tumble Polishing       $9.99
Torches     $9.99
Textures, Sandpaper  $9.99
Textures, Reticulation        $9.99
Textures, Granulation $9.99
Textures, Combined   $9.99
Texture, Steel Wool   $9.99
Square Wire Adjustable Band Ring    $9.99
Soldering, Mixed Media     $9.99
Soldering Mixed Metals, Wire    $9.99
Soldering Mixed Metals, Sheet   $9.99

Soldering Down Bezels, Stepped Bezel      $9.99
Snap Tight Heads, Bezel Caps and Prong Sets  $9.99
Simple Project, Wire, Just One  $9.99
Simple Project, Wire Hearts       $9.99
Simple Project, Round Wire Earrings  $9.99
Simple Project, Solid Band Ring $9.99
Simple Project, Mother's Day Pendants     $9.99
Simple Project, Exposed Edge Pendant     $9.99
Silver Soldering, Basics      $9.99
Safety, Gases and Fumes  $9.99
Safety, Fire $9.99
Safety, Dust and Fumes     $9.99  

Safety, Cuts, Punctures and Abrasions       $9.99
Safety, Acetylene Torch       $9.99
How to Make Ring Bands    $9.99
Repousse    $9.99
Buffing and Polishing   $9.99
Pine Needle and Bean Casting    $9.99
Pierce and Cut Project        $9.99
Patinas for Silver Projects    $9.99
How to Make an Overlay Piece    $9.99
Making Your Own Steel Stamps  $9.99
Make Your Own Leaves       $9.99
How to Make Pin Backs      $9.99
How to Make Hinges for Projects         $9.99
How to Make Your Own Fancy Bezels         $9.99
How to Make Chains    $9.99
How to Make Perfect Bezels for Cabochons         $9.99
How to Use a Jeweler's Saw Correctly          $9.99
How to Make Hollow Forms          $9.99

How to Make Adjustable Band Rings 1         $9.99
Adjustable Band Rings Vol 2, Some Further Ideas
& Comments  $0.99
Wire Sculpture Book 1          $9.99
Flex Shaft Attachments 9, Wire Wheels and 
Grinding Wheels            $9.99
Flex Shaft Attachments 8, Sanding Drums           $9.99
Flex Shaft Attachments 7, Fly Wheel for
Diamond Cuts        $9.99
Flex Shaft Attachments 6, Cut Off Wheels     $9.99
Flex Shaft Attachments 5, Flap Wheels
Diamond Wheels, 
Small Burrs,Hard Felt Buffs            $9.99
Flex Shaft Attachments 4, Ball Burrs      $9.99
Flex Shaft Attachments 3, Drill Bits        $9.99
Flex Shaft Attachments 2, Rubber Wheels             $9.99
Flex Shaft Attachments 1, Introduction to
the attachments for
flex shafts and Dremel tools            $9.99
Designing Jewelry for a Profit
Package of 5 lessons     $39.99
Earring Posts, Tie Tacs, and Hat Pins             $9.99
Simple Dangle Earrings           $9.99
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 5, Directing the 
Customers Eye       $9.99
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 4, Which Comes First
the Stone or the Design and
Bigger is not Better         $9.99
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 3, Polishing Can Kill 
Your Profits, To Draw or Not            $9.99
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 2, Better is Bad, 
Repeated Pattern,  Bored but Love It       $9.99
Designing Jewelry for a Profit 1, Proportion            $9.99
Chip Inlay using turquoise, malachite, 
coral and other stones            $9.99
Channel Work, how to make channels for inlay       $9.99
Chain, Crochet How to crochet a beautiful chain             $9.99
Making a Three Band Cuff Bracelet         $9.99
Bails, How to Make Many Different Bails         $9.99


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Beginning Silversmithing
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Beginning Silversmithing Package

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Beginning Silversmithing Package
21 Videos!

This is a package of 21 of my videos; listed below, for everyone that is just starting to work with Silver and Silversmithing and for those that want to learn new skills that will help you make your projects easier, faster, more professional looking and profitable. It will include the videos below. This is over $200.00 of my videos for only $69.99. You will save far more than 60% on these videos.

    DesigningJewelryforaProfit1. FlexShaftAttachments1Intoduction FlexShaftAttach2RubberPolishingWheels JewelersSaw.VOB, MakingYourOwnLeaves PolishingBuffingandTumbling SafetyAcetylineTorch
 SilverSolderingBasics2 SimpleProjectWireJustOne SnapTightHeadsBezelCapsandProgSets2 SnapTightHeadsBezelCapsandProngSets1 SolderingDownBezelsSteppedBezel SolderingMixedMetalsSheetandSummary SolderingMixedMetalsWire
TorchesFinal.VOB, TorchesIntroduction TumblePolishing UnderstandingChemicalsIntroPickleandFlux UnderstandingChemicalsOxidizerandAmonia

Textures, Hammered Finish
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Samples of Hammered Textures

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A hammered texture is the fastest, easiest, always available, and the texture that sells better than any other texture. It is a sure way to texture metal, sheets or wires, for great profits for your projects. I rarely ever use any other textures. You will find that even just a claw hammer from the hardware store can make five different unique and beautiful textures. Of course the ball peen hammer makes the nicest, easiest and quickest texture of all. It is a must for your shop, but you do not need an expensive one. Purchase the cheapest one you can find.
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99 cents!

Adjustable Band Rings Vol 2, Some Further Ideas & Comments

This video is an extension of Adjustable Band Rings Vol 1 with more ideas, adding a stone, and further comments. It is not recommend to down load this video without watching Adjustable Band Rings Vol 1. However, it will give you a review of two of the rings that are taught in Adjustable Band Rings Vol 1

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