Fantastic Mailing List Offer!

We are proud to introduce a new email list for anyone interested in Silversmithing. This new list is for the discussion of anything to do with silversmithing and jewelry making. The cost of this list is $96.00 per year.

There will be 3 features every week.

The list will feature the following.

Week One Features:
1. Designing Jewelry for a Profit
2. Simple Profitable Projects (one project per month through four weekly lessons)
3. Pricing Jewelry for a Profit

Week Two Features:
1. General Sales Training ( Lessons on how to conduct yourself during a sales presentaion that applies to selling anything.
2. Selling Jewelry (Each lesson will discuss ways to sell your jewelry and start your jewelry business.
3. Safety

Week Three Features:
1. Stones
2. Supplies
3. Jewelry Making and Silversmithing Tips

Week Four Features:
1. Tools For Jewelry Making and Silversmithing
2. Profit Making Ideas
3. Questions and Answers (Your jewelry making and silversmithing questions answered. Just remember: "there are no stupid questions and no question to small. I will answer all of them if I can, and get help if I can't.)

I believe that fee based lists are the future of the web, and I like to be on the forefront. The key is to offer
a list that is worth the money.

I personally will not belong to an unmoderated list! I get too many emails now. I want to belong to a list in
which every email has something to do with the subject and content of the list.

On this new list I will not allow silly messages to be posted. I do not permit endless threads saying the
same thing. I believe that a question, does not need 30 posts saying the same thing!

Anyway, here is what I am offering:

  1. A moderated list where there are no stupid questions, and now no stupid answers, where you can
    ask and answer questions without being identified. Thus, you can never be embarrassed to submit
    either questions or answers to the list.

  2. A moderated list where you will not get endless threads. I read every post and decide what to do
    with each.

    I truly believe that as the web grows, the future will be that we pay for lists--not only for
    the information on them, but for what we will not get! Flames, endless threads, unrelated
    advertising, adult ads, and just plain stupid posts are all things that I will pay not to receive! As the
    sheer numbers of lists increase, it will be even more important to choose wisely the lists that you
    decide to join.

  3. Three Weekly Online Lessons, complete with secret sites for photos.

These are  the Lessons that you will receive on a weekly basis for  52 weeks of the year.

  1. Pricing your jewelry.
    A complete class on pricing, including a free spreadsheet that I have created to make it easier, and
    even more important, to make it a mechanical process eliminating peoples¹ tendencies to underprice

  2. How to sell your jewelry.
    We cover every aspect of selling to begin a silversmithing business.

  3. Tips of the Trade.
    A biweekly tip on silversmithing and casting. Just like the monthly tips on my web site.

  4. Designing Jewelry to Sell.
    Every other week I will cover one of my principles of designing jewelry to sell it. Of course, this is
    not an artsy, craftsy, sophisticated series. It is a series to teach you how to design good jewelry that
    will sell, at a profit, and still be fun to make.

  5. Safety in the Shop.
    We will begin with the most important eye saving, finger saving, and life saving safety tips.

  6. Monthly project.
    We will begin a project each month and complete in in four weekly lessons. Emphasis will be placed
    on making a project that is simple and profitable!

  7. Stones.
    We will discuss a different stone every other week. This will include what is it, how much to pay for
    it, how to use it, and what problems you can expect when using it.

  8. Tools.
    Every other week we will discuss a tool or piece of equipment used in Silversmithing.

  9. Supplies. (NEW)
    I have been ask to cover the different supplies used in silversmithing, and we will.

10. Questions and Answers.
    I will continue to answer as many questions as I feel I can, and pass on the rest to the list for their
    answers. We are averaging about 10 per week on this list and I spend no less than 4 to 10 hours per
    week answering them.

11. General Sales Training
Each month I will take apart the steps it takes to make a sale. Whether your selling in a store setting, craft show,
art show, or selling to an individual, every sale follows certain steps. The more you understand these steps, and use
them for your benefit the more sales you will  make. You will also make more profit on each sale.

12. Profit Making Ideas
Each month I will lay out a new idea of how to use your jewelry making skills to start a whole new business or a least
a new product line. call it  You could call them: "Don's Crazy Money Making Schemes", ideas that I have tried and
have made me money! Some a lot, some a little, but always involving some FUN!

To Join This New Dynamic List
Just Email Me
You can pay by Visa, Master Card or mail a check for $96.00 to:
Don Norris
PO Box 2433
Estes Park, CO 80517

As soon as I receive your payment your membership will begin
and continue for 12 months.
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