Beginning Silversmithing Class
Only $300.00 and everything is furnished!
This class is taught at different times and different schedules, and
as part of the Weeklong Combined Beginning Silversmithing and Casting Seminars,
as Weekend Classes (9 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday),

   * You will choose a stone from hundreds, and it will be furnished to you at no extra cost!
   * You will design your own piece, but I recommend designing a ring.
   * You will be supplied with all the tools, supplies, and sterling silver!
   * You will design and solder your sterling silver project!
   * You will set your stone and polish your sterling silver project!
   * You will learn all the basic techniques of silversmithing and goldsmithing in this five week class.

I teach a different method for doing just about everything.
If you are already doing silversmithing,
the Beginning Silversmithing Class will still be a very informative and
profitable class for you for the following reasons!

  1. I use nothing but hard silver solder, I never use medium and only use easy for repairs.
  2. I use nothing but sheet solder, and I use a lot of it by using large pieces. I do not use tiny snippets.
  3. I spray on a liquid flux.
  4. I teach students to use a $10.00 propane torch from Ace Hardware. It is the worst torch to use for silversmithing, but it is the best torch to learn how to solder.
  5. You will be amazed at the simple technique I teach to make a bezel.
  6. I teach that you really only need two files for silversmithing: a 6 inch Bastard file and a 1/2 round jeweler's file.
  7. I teach that you can use an inexpensive grinder to make a great buffer (You do need to control the dust, and I will show you how.)
  8. I do not heat my pickle, and I will tell you why. I will tell you about experiments with a steel bolt left in the pickle, silver left in the pickle, and copper left in pickle for very long periods of time.
  9. I do not use liver of sulfur.
  10. I do not worry at all about fire scale (or fire coat).
  11. I never use rouge to polish silver jewelry, only White Diamond and Zam. I will teach you why!

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Beginning Silversmithing

I will teach my way of silversmithing, including using nothing but "hard" solder, spraying on flux, seldom using a jeweler's saw, and never using rouge to polish silver--to mention just a few.

Every aspect and technique of silversmithing for jewelry making that a beginner needs to know will be taught during this class. It will be taught as if each member wants to become a professional silversmith. This means that whether you wish to do it as a
hobby, or pursue it as a career, you will have the knowledge necessary to be a successful silversmith.

For More Information On Up Coming Class Call Me: 303-517-1068.

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To view samples of my students work, please go either here:
This class is taught with a minimum of tools and cost.
The torch recommended for the class is a less than $20.00 propane torch from the hardware store. It can make thousands of dollars worth of  jewelry!
Learn Silversmithing In Estes Park, Colorado
Or If You Can Organize 8 Students I Will Come To Your Home Town!
This Beginning Silversmithing Class is for anyone, including anyone that has never done any jewelry making or silversmithing. We will make a ring, or pendant, with a stone in the "Southwestern Style" that will include soldering on leaves.
Sample of the Pendant
Sample of the Ring
Before Feb. 15, 2004
After Feb. 15, 2004
January 1, 2005